Water Conservation Advisory Lifted June 20, 2017

Posted June 5, 2017

UPDATE June 20, 2017: The Water Conservation Advisory for the City of Humboldt and users of its water distribution system has been lifted, effective Tuesday, June 20, 2017.  Thank you for your cooperation and patience.  The City now has adequate water levels available for normal usage.


UPDATE June 15, 2017: Please note the Water Conservation Advisory remains in effect over the June 16, 17, 18 weekend as repairs continue on the City's water reservoir system.  Non-essential water use and irrigation are to be limited.

Initial repairs are anticipated to be completed soon and, if all goes well, the City's second water reservoir will be filled for use and the Water Conservation Advisory lifted during the week of June 19.  The City's third reservoir still requires repair due to unanticipated floor heaving and cracking, which was discovered during routine inspection.  These repairs will continue over June.

Thank you for your patience, Humboldt.


Effective June 5, 2017, citizens are advised that a voluntary, non-essential Water Conservation Advisory is issued for the City of Humboldt and users of its water distribution system due to repair work currently underway on the existing water reservoir system and the lack of recent rainfall, which has led to dry conditions and increased seasonal water usage.

All citizens are being asked to voluntarily comply with this Advisory.

This Advisory has been issued to ensure there is enough water for core and emergency use within the city and is expected to be in place for approximately 10-14 days.

At this time, it is important for residents and businesses to conserve water.  This will allow the City to ensure its water reservoirs have enough capacity for short-term use. Non-essential water use and irrigation is to be limited.

Residents can help conserve water by:

  • Minimizing general outdoor watering. Use a watering can or hand held spray hose on bedding plants, gardens, etc.
  • Delay watering lawns. Collect or direct sump pump water to water your lawn.
  • Sweep sidewalks and driveways clean instead of using a running hose.
  • Delay washing your vehicle or, if needed, use a commercial wash facility that regulates such use.
  • Shorten showers, as much as possible.
  • Bathe pets outdoors, in an area that needs water.

If non-essential water use is not adequately reduced, the City may need to issue a mandatory water conservation ban.

The City will continue to monitor the water situation and will provide updates as conditions change.

Thank you to all residents and businesses as we all ensure the shared use of our water supply.