Posted March 6, 2018

After the recent heavy snow fall Humboldt received, please be advised that Public Works in now working on residential roads. They will be plowing day and night over the next few days. If possible, please park in driveways or other areas that have already been cleared so the crews can do a cleaner job on your street. This will also help when recycling pickup occurs on Thursday and Friday.


Please note that “ridges” will occur across driveways from snow flowing over top of the snow gates of the plow. This is difficult to avoid due to the amount of snow we received. We will do our best to minimize this issue however residents will be responsible for removing this snow.

In order to keep our community as safe as possible when snow removal is taking place, Humboldt's streets are prioritized using pre-determined criteria.

  1. Highways & Arterial Roads - Highways #5 and #20 are plowed first to ensure access to vital City infrastructure, emergency and community services.
  2. School Zones and Collector Roads - These roads connect to arterials and include school bus routes.
  3. Residential Collector Roads – These roads connect residential streets to busier roads.
  4. Residential - Avenues, Streets, Crescents and Cul-de-Sacs.

To view the detailed Snow Clearing Map, please click here or click on the map below: