Positive Ticketing Campaign

Posted June 7, 2016

Members of the Humboldt RCMP, Humboldt & District Ambulance Service and the Humboldt Fire Department are giving out tickets to individuals who haven’t done anything wrong. In fact, they are handing them out to those who are doing things right — such as wearing helmets while skateboarding, riding bicycles or scooters, crossing the street at marked cross walks, or helping someone else be safe. Through Safe Communities Humboldt & Area’s Positive Ticketing Campaign, our local emergency service organizations will look for people in Humboldt and area who are making safe choices. When emergency service members see someone take a safe action, they may give them a positive ticket — a special coupon for items such as a leisure pass, Mini Golf Pass, Tumbler with a food/treat coupon, a USB Charger, Ear buds, fleece blanket, foldable water bottle, flashlight/keychain, coloring/activity book packages, bracelets or sunglasses. These items are supplied by SaskTel, the City of Humboldt and Safe Communities Humboldt & Area. SGI has also offered to take part and help sponsor the program. This program will run from May 15th through to September 15th with a grand prize draw taking place in early October from all redeemed tickets submitted for mini prizes throughout the program.