The GOOD NEIGHBOR STORE and Arts Humboldt proudly present "Naked Tourist, Sacred Mountain" on Humboldt Collegiate's stage, Tues. March 13. The play is fictional, but based on an actual incident from 2015 where a group of young tourists stripped on a mountain in Borneo and posted photos on social media.

When a massive earthquake shook the mountain a few days later, a government official claimed that their disrespect for the sacred mountain had caused the earthquake. There is no nudity in the play. There is mature content and some stronger language, but it is considered suitable for most high school students.

Tickets are $25 and available at SHOPPERS DRUG MART in Humboldt. Reserved seating; buy early for best seat selection. Ticket price includes dessert after the show. A seating chart is posted in the comments. Can't get to Shoppers? Text or call Brian Grest at 231-8284.

Make it a SUPPER & THEATER PACKAGE! Enjoy the show and a fantastic buffet supper the same night at ROOKIE’S RESTAURANT in the BELLA VISTA INN for only $40/person (save almost $10 from buying separately). The buffet ticket and the theater ticket must be pre-purchased together at Shoppers Drug Mart (sales close March 13 at 5:00 p.m.). The buffet is also open to the general public at the regular price of $21.95 + taxes.

Specially-priced student seating (rush seating, back rows only) is available for $10 by contacting Brian Grest at 231-8284 (NOT for sale at Shoppers).

The play is approximately 80 minutes long and is one act (no intermission).

"Naked Tourist, Sacred Mountain" is produced by Dumb Ax Productions. Huge thanks to them for agreeing to bring the show to Humboldt!

Huge thanks also to the Good Neighbor Store for their huge support of the arts in Humboldt, and to Rookie's Restaurant in the Bella Vista in for partnering with Arts Humboldt to help make this a potential date night (Supper+Theater). Same show and same ticket price as in Saskatoon and equally great food, all without the time and expense of the travel!

Thanks also to Humboldt Collegiate and the City of Humboldt for being so accommodating and supportive to Arts Humboldt.

Further informaion by contacting Brian Grest at 231-8284 or

And, no, that is NOT a picture of Mayor Rob Muench on the shores of Stoney Lake.

Interview with the playwright: [1] Saskatoon Star Phoenix article: