The City offers seven incentive/rebate programs to continue to make Humboldt a competitive and attractive location for residents and newcomers.

Downtown Development

Residential Housing Development

  • Infill Lot Tax Exemption Policy - to encourage residential development in specific areas of the city through a tax abatement on new housing
  • Rental Construction Incentive Program - to assist in the development of new, purposely-built rental housing and to provide the applicant with a municipal/provincial grant of up to $10,000 for each eligible new rental unit constructed
  • Rental Repair Incentive Program - to assist in providing financial assistance to rental property owners to undertake repairs to units occupied by low-income tenants, which will bring the units up to minimum health and safety standards
  • Secondary Suite Construction Program - to assist in the development of new, secondary suites and the upgrading of existing, secondary suites within Humboldt

Residential Rebate Programs

  • Storm Water Rebate Program Application Form - to encourage property owners to do preventative plumbing to reduce the impacts of flooding and water/sewer back-ups; please refer to the following guidebook, illustrations and informational videos here

Provincial Programs

  • Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP) - to provide financial assistance to claimants for uninsurable essential property damage as a result of natural diasters such as tornados, floods and other severe weather events

PDAP Application Form

PDAP Instructions