2016 Projects

Bruce Street Road Reconstruction

  • Due to significant deterioration, Bruce Street was reconstructed this year to make it structurally sound for long-term use.  The project cost was $105,000 and was completed on time and on budget. 

Water Distribution Plant Reservoir & Upgrades

  • As we grow as a community, the construction of a new water reservoir, generator installation and equipment and system upgrades will greatly increase the City's ability to deliver safe, clean drinking water to all citizens.  The total project cost is $4.3 million.  Through joint funding from the Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan, the City of Humboldt is responsible for one-third of the project costs.  The project remains on time and on budget.  The new reservoir and systems will become operational in the first half of 2017.

11th Avenue Stormwater Main Installation

  • East of 11th Avenue, a major stormwater pipeline was installed to better manage drainage and improve stormwater flows to Water Ridge Park pond.  This project will be completed by the end of 2016, with landscaping and golf course grounds reclamation being done in spring 2017.

5th Avenue Roadway Reconstruction & Beautification

  • A second phase of work along 5th Avenue (between Main Street and 7th Street) included road reconstruction and paving, repositioning vehicular access to the Canada Post parking lot, sidewalk and accessible curb enhancements and tree installation. Last year saw the installation of a new water main along this portion of roadway. Future development includes the road realignment of the 5th Avenue / Main Street intersection to better address traffic and pedestrian movement within this section of the downtown. 

Centennial Park Redevelopment Phase 1: Drainage System and Lot Grading 

  • The first phase of redevelopment for Centennial Park started fall 2016, with a sizable drainage system for stormwater being installed along with initial build-up, leveling and grading work done on the grounds.  Unfortunately, weather delays have impacted the completion of the north Uniplex parking lot; this will be addressed once freeze-up occurs.  An overview of this project and plans can be found here.  The next phase of redevelopment is to be determined by Council in 2017.


Learn more about how the City manages its infrastructure by visiting the Road Services and Water Services pages.