The City of Humboldt has four Standing Committees of Council to deal with work arising through the organization.  The Mayor is an Ex-Officio member of all Standing Committees.

Communications & Community Development Committee - Chair, Councillor Owen Hopfner and Councillors Michael Behiel and Sandy Weyland

Community & Leisure Services Committee - Chair, Councillor Sandy Weyland and Councillors Lorne Pratchler and Roger Nordick

Corporate Services Committee - Chair, Councillor Larry Jorgenson and Councillors Michael Behiel and Lorne Pratchler

Public Works & Utilities Committee - Chair, Councillor Roger Nordick and Councillors Larry Jorgenson and Owen Hopfner


The City of Humboldt also provides municipal representation on a number of local and regional Boards and Committees.

Central Transportation Planning Committee - Councillor Michael Behiel

Humboldt & District Chamber of Commerce Board - Councillor Larry Jorgenson (Alternate Councillor Sandy Weyland)

Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery Board - Councillor Sandy Weyland

Humboldt & District Rural Fire Protection Association - Councillor Roger Nordick

Humboldt Community Health Council - Councillor Sandy Weyland

Lanigan Creek-Dellwood Brook Watershed Association - Councillor Lorne Pratchler

MidSask Municipal Alliance - Mayor Rob Muench (Alternate Councillor Roger Nordick)

REACT Waste Management Authority - Councillor Owen Hopfner

Reid-Thompson Public Library Board - Councillor Sandy Weyland

Wakaw-Humboldt Regional Water Supply Committee - Mayor Rob Muench (Alternate Councillor Roger Nordick)


Interested in volunteering on a Board or Committee?

The City recruits to fill positions on some Boards and Committees on an annual basis or when a vacancy arises.  Vacancies are advertised on the City's website as well as in the local newspaper inviting residents to submit an application by a specific deadline.

If you would like to volunteer your time and expertise, please contact the City Clerk at (306) 682-2525 ext. 311 or by email at to learn about available opportunities.